Affiliate Program

Earn 100% commission for 1st Month and 10% Recurring commission for next 5 months.

How it works?

  1. You share your affiliate links with your audience
  2. Your audience click on affiliate links and visit
  3. Cookie gets saved in customer’s browser for 180 Days (6 Months)
  4. Customer signup a Trial Account on
  5. Customer use the trial account and decide to purchase 1st month subscription
  6. You get 100% of the amount paid by the customer excluding GST as your commission
  7. Customer continue subscription for next 5 months, you get paid 10% of the amount paid by customer every month

How do you make money with us ?

  1. You create engaging content with your audience and help them
  2. Your share your affiliate link with them and send customers to our website.
  3. Customer signup and continue using the tools.
  4. You get paid 100% of Amount paid by customers for first month. Even if customer don’t continue for next month your still get paid.
  5. If customer continue to renew their subscription for next 5 months. You get 10% of the amount paid by the customer every month.
  6. Top affiliates will get more perks and more commission.

When do you get paid?

  1. We release payments on 10th of Next month for customers signed up in current month
  2. Timely payments
  3. Minimum Disburse Amount should be Rs. 5000
  4. Payments will be done through Bank Wire Transfer. Share your bank details to

Conditions for Affiliate Program Registration

  • You’ll receive no credits for referring yourself and registering for our tool.
  • After registration, affiliates will be reviewed before Approval.
  • Mention how are you going to drive traffic (Ex: through youtube, you are SPN, ATES, etc)

100% Commission for 1st Month


10% Recurring Commission Next 5 Months

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