Free Amazon Fee Calculator for Sellers

Amazon FBA Fees Calculator can pull all Amazon FBA/MFN fees on the fly if you select correct category of your product. Below calculator is just a very basic display of how the calculator can work.

You can also download our Free Chrome Extension and use it to quickly calculate Profit for Indian marketplace.

How to Use Amazon Seller Calculator

  • Add the Chrome Extension to your browser
  • Go to product and click on the Icon of our Chrome Extension
  • Extension will start populating All Amazon Fees (Referral Fees, Fixed Closing Fees, Variable Fees, Monthly Storage Fees, Pick and Pack Fees, Weight Handling/Shipping Fees) in a single click
  • Enter “Product Price”, it is the Selling Price of your product
  • Enter GST %
  • Enter Product Cost Inc. Tax, Example: If your Purchase price is 200 + 18% GST then enter 200*1.18 = 236
  • Enter other Expense like Packing expense
  • Click on Calculate and wait for the details to show up.
  • Net Profit is your FInal Profit that you will make on this product.

Amazon Profit Calculator

You can use the below Amazon Profit Calculator and use it to calculate your net profit but we recommend use our Amazon FBA Calculator Chrome extension.

You can Select Category and Enter Weight, Product Price, GST %, Product Cost Inc. Tax, Other Expenses.

Net Profit is the final product for your product.

Please Use our Chrome Extension as this Calculator is out of date. Download Chrome Extension
Learn How to Use this Extension(Hindi / English)

List of Amazon FBA Fees

Selling on Amazon requires mindful thinking about profits. You can't sell for low profits. Below fees are charged by Amazon for selling on Amazon.

  • Referral Fees (Amazon Commission) : Amazon Commission % range from 2-28% depending on the category. For Example Security Camera category have a Fees of 5% commission fees. This fees is charged for all type of fulfillment like FBA / Easy Ship / Seller Flex / Self Ship.

  • Weight Handling Fees/Shipping Fees : Amazon FBA calls Shipping Fees as Weight Handling Fees, while for MFN/EasyShip it is know as Shipping Fees, both are different for FBA/SellerFlex and EasyShip.

  • Fixed Closing Fees: Fixed closing fees is charged per order by Amazon. The fees also depends on the Price of the product. Based on the price band the fees varies. This fees is charged for all type of fulfillment like FBA / Easy Ship / Seller Flex.

  • Pick and Pack Fees: Pick and Pack fees is charged for FBA and Seller Flex only. Generally it is Rs 10 Per order.

  • Monthly Storage Fees: Monthly Storage Fees is Charged only For Amazon FBA. As FBA requires us storing our product in their warehouse.

  • Technology Fees: Technology fees is charged by only Seller Flex and it is Rs. 10.

It is very important that you understand each and every fees charged by Amazon. There are other fees also like Packing Material cost, FBA Inbound Fees, FBA Removal Fees. But generally this are very minor and but matters most if your product is heavy or large in size.

How to Use Amazon FBA Calculator - In English

Amazon India FBA/Eashyship Profit Calculator By AMZ India Profit -FREE - [ENGLISH VERSION]

How to Use Amazon FBA Calculator - In Hindi

Amazon India FBA/Easyship Profit Calculator Free Chrome Extension - [Hindi Version]

We have detailed article on everything about Amazon FBA.

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