How Does the Amazon Buy Box Algorithm Works

How Does the Amazon Buy Box Algorithm Works?

Amazon is a very complex piece of software that have been developed to show most relevant and best results to customers. Every new Amazon seller have this questions of how to win buy box on Amazon.

In this article we will answer this question in the best way possible.

What is Buy Box?

Buy Box is a place on Amazon Product detail page which shows the seller name who will get the order when customer click on “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button.

If you are selling branded products then you will likely to have multiple sellers selling on the same product listing and competing with each other to win the buy box. Since the Brand is not owned by you any other seller who can get the permission from Brand, can start selling on Amazon.

Private label products have only one seller on the listings so it is not much of any issue for them to win the buy box.

amazon buy box screenshot
amazon buy box

Why You Need to Win the Buy Box?

New Amazon sellers need to win buy box so that they can start getting their first sales. If you don’t win buy box, you will not get any sales.

Sellers who get the buy box are the ones who will receive the most orders on Amazon. Competing with other sellers in only possible if you can win the buy box.

To increase your sales you will also have to start Amazon PPC campaigns. But only buy box eligible sellers can run the PPC campaigns. Hence you have to win buy box as early as possible.

How to Become Eligible for Buy Box?

There is no fixed set of rules that are laid out by Amazon for sellers to win the buy box. New sellers are not eligible for buy box by default. That is also for good reason.

Some sellers sell fake product, start new account and come back when Amazon removes them. To tackle the fake product issue Amazon do not make new sellers Buy Box eligible right away when they start on Amazon.

Below are some Buy Box eligibility criteria that can vary for every new sellers. Please take this as guideline only, as there is no fixed criteria.

Criteria 1: Seller should be at least 15-20 days old

Criteria 2: Seller should get at east 2-3 sales

Criteria 3: All performance metrics for new sellers are as per Amazon Benchmark ( this includes there is no authenticity or any type of complaints from customer, Amazon or any other seller against you )

If above criteria are satisfied for at least first 15-20 days then you will start getting buy box on your products.

How New Sellers can Become Eligible for Buy Box Immediately?

The best and only possible way to become buy box eligible for new sellers is by sending their inventory to Amazon FBA. FBA sellers get the prime badge for their product listings and become buy box eligible immediately rather then waiting for some days.

While this is not the only criteria as if your seller central performance is not as per the amazon benchmarks then you may become ineligible for buy box again. Amazon buy box formula is pretty secret and nobody know why something have happened.

How Amazon Buy Box Algorithm Works?

Amazon Buy Box algorithm want to give the best possible product and customer service to their customers.

Amazon search results are tailored to the customer preference. Do the customer buy expensive products ? or customer order only products that are shipped fast to him? Which brands have he bought in the past? How was the customer experience with them?

Above are just some of the millions of data points that Amazon stores about their customers. Based on this data points Amazon decides which products the customer is likely to buy.

Similarly for the buy box when a Customer loads a product page, within milliseconds the Amazon A10 algorithm decides which sellers should get the buy box. Some of the questions that A10 algorithm answers is, which sellers are performing best, which seller is offering fastest shipping, which sellers have sold goods to this customer? which seller is offering the best price.

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Below are some guidelines for Winning Bux Box on Amazon:

Criteria 1: Offer best price to your customer as compared to your competition

Criteria 2: Offer Best Product to your customers

Criteria 3: Offer fastest shipping to your customers

Criteria 4: Take care of your seller central performance metrics


We hope you have now got the enough information about Amazon Buy Box. How to become eligible for it and how to win the same. Apart from working on your strategy you should spy on your competitors as well. Spy competitor listings updates, BSR, Prices changes, Review Velocity, etc.

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