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Amazon Listing Optimization – The Ultimate Guide for Brands and Amazon Sellers

Want to increase your Amazon sales for free. Amazon product listing optimization is the best way to do so, while improving your Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you improve your ranking and ultimately leading to more sales.

What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

Amazon Listing Optimization is a process of improving your listing for better ranking and conversions. It involves improving your CTR (Click Through Rate) and Conversion Rate matrix. It include finding profitable keywords, improving images, optimizing listing content and shipping times.

Below are the 10 important aspects of your Amazon Listing Optimization.

1. Add High Quality Product Images

Images are the first thing that an Amazon customer see in your product listings. Your main images should get the highest attentions when improving your listing. Your main image should have a plain white background and the product should cover 60-80% of image area.

If you are selling a product whose size can not be determined by looking at the image itself then you should have one of the image to show the size comparison with products which are very common in our daily lives.

Say if you are selling a 2 inch brass show piece then you can shoot an image to show the size against a hand like below.

product size against hand
Keeping it in hand gives the customer a good reference about the size of the product

Also try to include lifestyle images for product. Say if you are selling t-shirts then a person wearing the t-shirt is a mandatory requirement, to allow people to see how it will look on wearing it.

Below is the lifestyle image for the horse show piece.

horse show piece life style image

2. Improve Shipping times

Customers specially Amazon customers care more about how fast they can get the product even if the product is 10-20% costly then your competitors, that is why it is very important to have minimum shipping time possible for all your products.

Amazon intelligently promotes product which are shipped faster to customer then the ones which take 10 days to reach customers.

Better shipping times can help you become eligible for Amazon Buy Box as well.

If you are Self ship or Easy Ship customers then you should get enrolled into Amazon FBA or Amazon Self ship prime or Amazon Easy Ship Prime or Amazon Seller Flex programs. Enrolling into any of this program will make your products Prime eligible with faster deliveries.

This will boost your Ranking or Product visibility significantly.

Consider an example where both product prices and looks are almost same but one will be delivered after 3-5 days while the other one will be delivered by tomorrow end of the day.

amazon fba shipping time optimization

Customers will obviously choose the one on the right even though it si 10% costlier.

So enroll into FBA now.

3. Keyword Optimization: Product Title Optimization

Product Keyword optimization is very easy but very time consuming process. First make a list of best keywords for your product. Then pick keywords from this list and optimize your listing.

Many seller make many mistake in this process. You can find real and profitable amazon keywords searched by customers using our tool Keyword Idea Generator.

Then use this keywords to optimize your listing.

Amazon algorithm index keywords in the order title > bullet points > Description > Back-end Search Terms.

Select any one keyword phrase from list of keywords and put it into your title. Your title should be readable and should not exceed 70-90 characters. Though amazon allows you to have a title of length 200 characters, it has been found from our study that products with title readable on mobile devices tend to rank higher then others.

According to Amazon guideline your title should follow this format – Brand Name + Material + Keyword + Capacity + Quantity

Example of Title: Human Hydro Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons Set, 8 Pieces

amazon product title good and bad
Title of left listing is small and concise with their main keyword, while the product on right have tried to stuff all the possible keyword into title

Do not stuff your product title with many keywords, otherwise you will be penalized and your amazon product visibility will be gone.

4. Keyword Optimization: Product Bullet Point Optimization

The next important thing in Keyword Optimization is your products bullet points. Many Amazon sellers ignore the power of bullet points.

Bullet points are the next thing that a customer looks when he wants to understand the details about the product.

Your title and images did a great job, now your bullet points are at test.

Bullet points are basically list of features of your products. You need to list the feature like your product material, any technical attribute , capacity if any, etc. It should answer all questions that a customer may have in their mind to make the purchase.

While bullet points list all the feature you should not miss the opportunity to use your secondary keywords. Though while using the keywords make sure that your bullet points are readable and don’t forget the main purpose of your bullet points.

Below are two images of bullet points. One is not properly utilizing the space while other is optimized for Amazon Search Engine / A10 algorithm.

Amazon Product bullet point optimization

5. Keyword Optimization: Product Description Optimization

Sellers often do not pay any attention to product description which leads to many missed sales opportunities.

Product description is an extension to bullet points. You get the opportunity to to explain your product features in details. While explaining you can utilize secondary keywords found from AMZ India Profit’s Keyword Tool.

Apart from that, amazon also allows you to use basic html tags to give structure to your product description. Using some basic tags can help you in formatting description for better readability.

Below is the example of a badly written description (left) vs Correctly formatted description (Right).

amazon product description optimization
Bad Description on Left Vs Good Description on Right

6. Keyword Optimization: Optimize Back-end Search Terms

Back-end sarch terms are least important factor in Keyword Optimization. But that should not be a reason to ignore them. They pretty powerful and can help rank your products which you never though of.

Plus your competitors will not be able to see this keywords as they are hidden from product listing page.

Keywords in the back-end search term should not be repitative, no comma, “-” or any other special charcters should be used.

Example of wrongly done Search Terms: “leather shoes for men, leather shoes, black leather shoes”

Example of Correctly done Search Terms: “leather shoes men black”

7. Product Price Optimization

Price optimization does not mean that you reduce your prices but wrather optimize your prices for better margin, better conversion and better competition.

Say for example if you are getting good sales for product with Rs. 999, with pretty high margin. And if you reduce your price to Rs. 899 will give good margin to per order. But it will also increase your overall order numbers.

Which ultimately mean that you will be taking more money per month on this product.

Similarity, if you competition is having very bad listings as compared to yours while selling at the same price point. Then it make send to increase your price a little bit while not decreasing overall profits.

7. Optimize With Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers are the most ignored part of Amazon listing optimization techniques.

When customers don’t find the answer that they are looking from your listings, they ask questions.

Questions also give us insight about our product and listing. What is the customer looking for that our product listing is not talking about.

Read all the questions asked by customer weekly or bi-weekly depending on how many questions you get from customers and look for repeating questions from customers.

Edit your listing and include those pain points that customer is looking answer for into you listing. This will not only improve your listings but also increase your conversion rate.

amazon customer questions and answer optimization
Amazon Customer Questions & Answers Section

8. Use Customer Review to Improve Listing

Similar to Questions & Answer sections, reivews gives us the insight of how customer is using our product, likes and dislikes.

Based on the review we can work on improving our product quality, images and put any clarifications into the listing that may be misguiding the customer to purchase.

Amazon generates some tags using their AI and Machine algorithm about your reviews, this tags are the once most used inside your reviews by customer.

You should search on the important

amazon customer review optimization
Amazon Customer Reviews

10. Optimize for Product Listing Conversion

Product Conversion Rate is one of the most important matrix that we should not ignore.

Conversion Rate = (no of orders / Listing Page Views) * 100

Typically conversion rate for Amazon is around 15-25%, anything less then 15% needs our attention and we should work on it to improve the conversion.

You should track first how your product visibility is before coming into any conclusion. If your products have low visibility then you will get less page views and ultimately less orders.

Conversion optimization targets improving your Product Listing copy, the way you write your product title, bullet points and descriptions matter alot.

Is your product title, bullet points and description making customers excited about your product ? If the answer is No, then the chance of conversion will going to be pretty low.

All above factors that we have discussed till now focus on improving the listing and ultimately your conversion rate. Work on it and do share your results in the comment box below.

You can check product views, orders and conversion for every product inside your seller central page > Business Reports.

The Order Item Session Percentage column (Green) is your Conversion Rate matrix.

Amazon conversion rate optimization column
Order Item Session Percentage is Conversion Rate column in Green

11. A+ or Enhanced Brand Content Listing

Amazon A+ product listings or Enhanced Brand Content is an improved version of your Product description.

Default product description allow only text content. But A+ or Enhanced Brand Content allows us to embed images, videos into the description.

This makes our product page more like a website landing page, where we can show different features of the product and images together.

This does helps in improving the conversion rate for your listing.

Below is an example of A+ listing.

amazon product A+ listing optimization technique
A+ Listing on Amazon


Glad you read the whole post. If not let me summarize it for you. The goal of Amazon Listing Optimization is to improve your listing so that youcan acheive higher conversion rate. A higher conversion rate can be achieved by improving your dull images with high quality and lifestyle images, redo you product price, title, description and bullet points so that customer understand , get excited and buy your product.

Having a Keyword Rank Tracker tool can help you check your product visibility. For any improvement you did you can track how your ranking has changed, based on that you can take better decisions going forward.

Start you 10 Days Free Trial for our Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker Tool.

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